Английский язык 7 – 8 классы

Общий урок Примеры вычисления производных --> Часть общего урока:

    Настоящие времена

      Present Simple / Present Continuous State verbs Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous

    Прошедшие времена

      Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Past Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Would, used to Be used to/get used to

    Будущие времена

      Future Continuous Future Simple/to be going to Future Perfect


      Определенный артикль Неопределенный артикль Нулевой артикль

    Придаточные времени и условия

      Придаточные времени (when, as soon as, till, untill, after, before) Conditional 0 Conditional 1 Conditional 2 The Passive Voice (Present simple/Present Continuous) Passive Voice. Present Perfect/Past Simple/Past Continuous The Passive Voice. Future Simple/ Conditionals/ Modals

    Придаточные причины и цели

      Clauses of Result So /such, So … that, such a nice day that Clauses of reason because, as, since, because of, due to;too/enough

    Косвенная речь

      Reported speech. Sequence of tenses Reporting verbs. Reporting a conversation. Reported statement Reporting verbs. Questions. Orders and requests

    Сложное дополнение

      Complex object (want/would like /expect/know smb to do smth) Complex object (let/make smb DO smth/be made /be allowed to do smth) Complex object (see/watch/hear/notice smb do /doing)


      Participle 1/2 (doing/done)

    Придаточные цели и уступки

      Clauses of purpose in order (not) to do smth/so as not todo/so that she can/could do Clauses of concession although/in spite of/ despite/while /whereas/even though

    Относительные придаточные. Relative clauses

      Relative clauses (who/that/which/whose/where/why)

    Noun Существительное

      Noun (Gender/plurals/irregular plurals/compounds/only singular/Group nouns)