Cочинение про коллекцию на английском языке

Different people have different tastes. Each member of the same family can have his or her own hobby. For example my father likes basketball, he goes to play with his friends every Saturday. My mother likes needlework, she sews clothes for the whole family, she also likes embroidery and knitting.

My hobby is collecting different things.

That is my grandfather who tought me to be a collector.

He has a great collection of stamps and coins from different countries and of different epochs. His oldest coin is dated 1709 and minted at the time of Peter I.

My grandfather worked at the embassy so he had a possibility to get stamps from all over the world though not so unique and ancient as coins. His friends always knew which present is the best for my grandfather.

My hobby

I started my career of the collector also with stamps but not so rare as my grandfather had. I also collected small post cards and calendars.


But the most exiting for me now is to collect toys from Kinder Surprise. I know it sounds childish but I like it. They are so nice all those heroes of cartoons. I can watch them for hours.

I have got a special shelf for my toys where I hold 110 items. Some collections are yet incomplete. I still search the missing toys and exchange the extra ones with my friends. They supported me and we even compete now. My collection is the greatest one. Now I think to find the earlier collections starting 1990's.

Rome was not built in a day.

By the way my relatives and friends also know what is the best present for me.

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