План урока по теме “Family Matters” (УМК “English X”, авторы О. В.Афанасьева, И. В. Михеева) – английский язык, уроки

План-конспект открытого урока по теме "FamilyMatters"(УМК "EnglishX", авторы О. В.Афанасьева, И. В.Михеева)

Ход урока

I Организационный момент

II Речевая разминка

Should the word "matters" in the title be read as a noun, as a verb or possibly both?

Matter, n. - вопрос, дело

Tomatter, v. - иметь значение

The popular saying says, "Blood is thicker than water". What does it mean?

There are few people without kith or kin. Let`s see if you know who your kinsfolk are.

III Match the paragraphs and the questions (see Appendix)

Discussing family matters involves a lot of other topics. I see you know your kinsfolk very well. At the previous lesson we discussed the problem of divorce and its after-effects on children. During the lesson we`ll speak about marriage, wedding ceremonies and children`s upbringing.

IV Чтение текста упр.IV, стр.66 (рабочая тетрадь) и его обсуждение

V Презентацияработучащихся


Marriages are made on heaven but occur on earth. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries and social classes. Wedding is the most special day in anyone`s life.

presentation "Wedding ceremony in Britain" Presentation "Old Russian wedding traditions"

VI The definitions of a family today and a family in the past are far from similar. Even 50 years ago families had rules that were stricter and families were closer in the sense of a relationship.

The period of Queen`s Victoria reign is called Victorian in the history of the UK. Let`s listen to the project on "Victorian Family Life" a project "The interview with the grandmother" When couples have their first born child they become parents and face an utterly new stage in their lives. They have to raise their kids and do their best to develop their children`s minds.

a project "Children`s Upbringing in Ossetian Families."

VII Подведение итогов

I hope you`ve enjoyed our lesson. Now you have an idea of what a family is, what types of marriages and families there are, what wedding traditions and ceremonies different people have.

VIII Home Task: to make a presentation or to give a talk on wedding ceremonies of different peoples.


Match the paragraphs and the questions. One question is extra.

What alternatives are there to the traditional family unit? What exactly is a family? Who are your kinsfolk? What

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