The theme of the lesson «The outstanding sportsmen of Kazakhstan»

Level: 8

The theme of the lesson

«The outstanding sportsmen of Kazakhstan»


To enrich students’ knowledge about the outstanding sportsmen of Kazakhstan. To evoke their interest in sport. To enrich the topical vocabulary. To develop logical and critical thinking and creation.


Reading, speaking, writing and listening in English Language Teaching.

Teaching results

Students can speak about different kinds of sport and the most popular sportsmen of Kazakhstan. They can speak about their favorite sport. They can use new vocabulary in their speech.

Main ideas

Sports means health. Good health is above wealth.


Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity

3 minutes

Greeting. Make up a dialogue.

Divide the class into three groups.

Students should wish each other good luck.

Students will divide into three groups.(London, Sochi, Beijing). Use: cards with the pictures.

Each student wishing his friend good luck.

7 minutes

Checking up the homework.

Play the game.

Answer the questions.

Students will answer the questions.

10 minutes

Presentation a new theme.

Who are they? Show a picture


Phonetic drill exercises.

Students will pronounce all the new words after the teacher and after the tape recorder.

5 minutes

Presentation slide


Listen and understand.

Students will listen.

5 minutes.

Checking up they memory Match the definitions with the pictures. Work in groups.

Students will match the words with the pictures.

2 minutes

Listen to the text about «The outstanding sportsmen of Kazakhstan»

Answer the questions on the ball.

Students will answer the questions.

3 minutes

Game «Who is he?»

Let’s have a rest

Students will make up questions.

Answer YES or NO

Students will dance.

2 minutes

Each group will give a crossword puzzle.

Students will guess the crossword puzzle.

Can you guess what these sports are?

3 minutes

Students should compare sport in «Sport in Britain” and “Sport in Kazakhstan».

Students will compare «Sport in Britain» and «Sport in Kazakhstan».

Students will find similarities and differences in sport in two countries.

3 minutes

Each group will show their ideas.

Students will present their work.

They will present their schemes.

2 minutes

Assessment. The teacher will give marks to the students for their activity at the lesson.

Two stars, one wish.

Students will say their wishes to each other. Evaluation of students by their activities at the lesson.

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