Викторина “Что? Где? Когда?” на тему “Англо-говорящие страны” – английский язык, мероприятия

What is the capital of Great Britain (the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)? What is the symbol of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland? What sights of London do you know. What park is the biggest in London? What country is the biggest island? What is the living national emblem of New Zealand? What is the national Scottish costume for men? What is Hollywood famous for? What is Barak Obama’s birth state? What town is associated with "Beatles"? What country is the smallest continent? What unusual animals do in Australia live? What oceans is the USA washed by? What country does the USA border on? What is the longest river In the USA? What is the most beautiful waterfall in the world? What is the official residence of the British Queen? What is the official residence of the American president? What is American national sport? What is the most popular holiday in the USA? What is the traditional Christmas dinner? What state is the biggest one? What parts does the UK consist of? What parts does London consist of? What do the English have at 5 o’clock? What is the second breakfast called? What is the favourite breakfast in England? Where is London situated? (on what river) Where is Washington situated? (on what river) Where is the Statue of Liberty situated? Where is Loch Ness situated? Where is Hollywood situated? Where do koalas live? Where does kiwi live? Where is Niagara fall situated? Where was W. Shakespeare born? Where is Disneyland situated? When is Christmas celebrated? When is the Independence Day of the USA celebrated? What colour is the post-box in England?

The answers:

1. London, Washington, Ottawa, Sydney, Wellington.

2. a red rose, a thistle, a daffodil, a shamrock, a leek.


3. Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, London Eye.

4. Hyde Park. 5. Australia. 6. The kiwi. 7. The kilt. 8. A film business. 9. Hawaii. 10. Liverpool. 11. Australia. 12. Koalas, kangaroos, ostriches, echidnas. 13. The Pacific and Atlantic oceans. 14. Canada. 15. The Mississippi. 16. Niagara fall. 17. The Buckingham Palace. 18. The White house. 19. Baseball. 20. Christmas. 21. A turkey. 22. Alaska. 23. England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland. 24. The City, the East End, the West End. 25. 5 o’ clock tea. 26. Lunch. 27. Porridge. 28. The Thames. 29. Potomac. 30. Liberty Island. 31. Scotland. 32. State California. 33. Australia. 34. New Zealand. 35. North America. 36. Stratford on Avon. 37. Los Angeles. 38. The 25th of December. 39. The 4th of July. 40. Red.

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